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Division Safety Check

Kedeisha June 16, 2023

Write a Python function that accepts two numbers and performs division operation. The function should return the result if the operation is successful, else it should return None. The function should handle ZeroDivisionError exception.

Input Data:

  • Your function should accept two parameters:
    1. numerator: A number representing the numerator in the division operation.
    2. denominator: A number representing the denominator in the division operation.


  1. If the input is numerator = 10 and denominator = 2, then the output should be 5.
  2. If the input is numerator = 10 and denominator = 0, then the output should be None.

Explanation of Solution: The function safe_division attempts to divide the first argument by the second. If the second argument is zero, a ZeroDivisionError will be raised, and the function will return None. If no exceptions are raised, the function will return the result of the division operation.