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Case Study 01: Product Analytics 1

Kedeisha May 13, 2023


Computer with graphs


You are a data analyst and your manager has tasked you with analyzing some data. She has provided the following set of questions she would like answered.


  1. Which product has the highest price? Only return a single row.
  2. Which product has been bought the least in terms of quantity?
  3. Which customer has made the most orders?
  4. How many orders were placed in May, 2023?
  5. What’s the total revenue per product?
  6. Find the day with the highest revenue.
  7. Find the first order (by date) for each customer.
  8. Which product has been bought the least in terms of quantity?
  9. What is the median order total?
  10. For each order, determine if it was ‘Expensive’ (total over 300), ‘Affordable’ (total over 100), or ‘Cheap’.
  11. Find customers who have ordered the product with the highest price.

Submission Instructions

Place a comment below the post with your submission, then make a LinkedIn or twitter post with a screenshot or PDF of your answers. You can explain your thought process if you’d like. Just make sure to tag the Data in Motion LLC LinkedIn page or Twitter page.

DB Fiddle Instructions

Click ‘Edit on DB Fiddle’ to be taken to the in browser SQL playground where you can run your queries.